Q  Who needs an IFA (Independent Financial Adviser)?

A  Anyone who is thinking about taking on any financial commitment or who needs advice on an existing financial commitment can benefit from using an IFA .  Finance is a complicated industry, a suitably qualified and authorised IFA can be of great help.

Q  My bank is offering me a mortgage/pension/investment.  Isn’t it better to use their services?

A  Your bank may not be able to give you independent advice.  Independent Financial Advisers can offer services from the whole of the market rather than from only selected providers, thus offering more choice. What’s the harm in knowing the best possible product available to you?  

Q  Isn’t it cheaper to arrange my own Buildings and Contents Insurance/Life Insurance/Income Protection?

A  You may not always be aware of all of your needs and requirements.  It is better to have the level of cover that you need for what you can afford.  We can help you find it!  It isn’t always as easy as it seems.